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March 2021 – Chair Alexander Gent discusses mosque security for Ramadan Faith Associates. Click here to watch the video.

March 2021 – NAMP produced a report based on two surveys conducted by NAMP starting in November 2020 and finishing in January 2021. One survey was aimed at NAMP members and had 310 respondents and the other surveyed 100 participants from the Muslim community. The report focuses on five areas, joining the police service, Muslims in policing, discrimination and hate incidents, Counter Terrorism Policing (CTP) and NAMP priorities.
To view the report click here.
September 2020 – NAMP Chair Alexander Gent attended an online event chaired by Channel 4 presenter Jon Snow. There was a panel discussion about a report produced by The Centre for Media Monitoring (CfMM) looking at How the British Media Reports Terrorism.

Alexander Gent gave a perspective that related to policing and wholeheartedly support the report and recommendations.

July 2020 – NAMP released the following statement on Twitter:

“The National Association of Muslim Police (NAMP) is a support network for Muslim officers and staff throughout the UK. Part of our work involves tackling issues such as Islamophobia. We also act as a critical friend, and provide advice and feedback, to organisations such as Counter Terrorism Policing (CTP).

NAMP originally raised the issue about CTP terminology in a paper submitted to the Home Affairs Select Committee in October 2019, which was based on member and community feedback. We believe the use of words such as “Islamist” and “Jihadist” link Islam itself to extremism, therefore stigmatising a whole religion and followers of it. We also believe the use of such terminology by government, policing and the media creates negative perceptions of the general Muslim population, and may also be contributing towards Islamophobic attitudes and an increase in hate crime.

NAMP were invited by CTP to have a discussion with members of the CT Advisory Network (CTAN) on the 18th June 2020 and, alongside many of the other participants, made a strong case for why we think this terminology needs to change. We welcomed this opportunity to provide insight and feedback on a topic which is complex. The suggestions put forward by NAMP are not an exhaustive list and we are keen for CTP to hold a full and comprehensive consultation with the UK’s Muslim communities in order to gauge the impact of the use of such terminology.

The relationship between policing and Muslims is so often defined by the Counter Terrorism narrative, and we therefore believe it is imperative to have meaningful dialogue between the two to improve community trust and reassurance. Ultimately, NAMP would like to see a cultural change in the way we talk about terrorism, and for us all to use language which does not unfairly stigmatise a whole community of people.”

June 2020  – NAMP produced a report that was discussed at the Counter Terrorism Advisory Network (CTAN).  This document raised concerns over the use of certain terminology such as “Islamism” and “Jihadist”.

October 2019 – NAMP submitted a report to the Home Affairs Select Committee Islamophobia inquiry. The paper addresses hate crime, internal hate recording, Counter Terrorism terminology, the definition of Islamophobia and recording of faith statistics.