Muslims in Policing

Muslim Representation in the Police

Muslims make up at least 5% of the overall UK population, however, in local areas this can change dramatically, ranging from a very small minority to a Muslim majority. Unfortunately, this same representation isn’t currently reflected in policing. Muslims are underrepresented at all levels across the police service.

That being said, there are still Muslims working within the police from operational policing to strategic command. There are also Muslims that are not police officers but police staff, working specialist roles such as forensics, financial investigations and digital policing.

NAMP are working together with various Police Forces, the National Police Chiefs Council and College of Policing to increase these numbers to become more representative of the Muslim community.

Inclusive Environment for Muslims

NAMP are continuously working to make the police service an inclusive environment for all Muslims. There are many local Muslim networks in different police forces, supporting the needs of Muslim personnel. Below are some examples of what’s available within member police forces.

  • Prayer & Ablution Facilities
  • Workplace Adjustments for Jummah Prayer and Ramadan
  • Clothing to meet Religious needs

If you are interested in joining the Police Service, please visit: